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Clash of Nations

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With draft resolutions already presented, the bloc of the United States clarifies the proposals they have presented

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The bloc of the USA has made a presentation regarding the proposals they have included in the document they presented.

The main topics stated in the presentation were, the implementation of a monitoring body for the control of mass surveillance; a legal analysis to assure no law is broken, carried out by the ICJ and the International Law Commission; an invitation by the USA to international cooperation with the 5 eyes; the use of mass surveillance as a mean for counterterrorism; and the motivation of active civilian involvement.

The International Court of Justice is currently having a trial between Mexico and the USA

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AFP, in alliance with The New York Times, got an exclusive interview with the attorneys for Mexico:

Debates in the Global Summit of Cities are close to an end and crucial topics have still to be addressed

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The Global Summit of Cities committee has been discussing posible solutions for problems occurring in cities all over the globe. 

The delegation of the city of Abu Dhabi acknowledged they felt there's a loophole in many of the documents presented, because there is no proposal for specific city planning. Toronto on the other hand opposed the idea, stating that even though cities may have different realities, the problems they face are the same, so there wouldn't be a problem with the solutions proposed.

The representatives of Geneva urged the rest of delegates to recheck the proposals because they had missed addressing solutions to crucial problems faced almost all over the world, which are, efficient means of urban transportation, implementation of civic education and fomentation of citizen participation.

On the other hand some delegations preferred to talk about the solutions that do have been addressed in the documents presented. The delegations of Moscow, Nairobi and Geneva both talked about the importance of education as the main solution to the problems of the cities, while the ones from the Hague and New York emphasised the need of more parks, green areas in cities and the protection of the environment

The UNESCO committee has been discussing the status of indigenous languages

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During the last few days, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization committee has been discussing the status of indigenous language in the modern world.